Lean Crust

  • 2014-04-13 19.06.03

Gluten free pizza so good I couldn’t even take the picture without eating 1/2 of a slice! My Fiance and I found this place through a recommendation from a friend, and boy is it amazing! The crust is by far the best gluten free crust that I’ve ever had, the mozzarella was delicate and the tomatoes and basil were  fresh and delicious.  And one of the best parts for me was that this is a good old fashioned over the counter slice. All the other places I’ve been to where you can get gluten free crust you have to wait for a personal pizza to be made specially, while all your friends grab a slice. But not here! At Lean Crust you can walk right up to the counter and grab that slice just like an (almost) normal person! They also have vegan options, I haven’t tried them myself, but I’ve been told they’re pretty delicious!

737 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217


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