Welcome to Gluten Free City living, my blog about my journey to a more healthful life!

I live in New York City and have been eating a gluten free diet since the fall of 2011 when a naturopathic doctor recommended I try it. I have since ceased to get the horrific migraines that I got almost like clockwork every month, and my tension, anxiety and panic attacks are all gone plus I just generally feel much better! So this explains the gluten free part but why the city part? I know there’s many things that are great about being gluten free in a big city (dedicated gluten free restaurants anyone?) But there’s some serious downfalls to being in a city – especially NYC, many of the restaurants here are incredibly authentic – like no one speaks english authentic so not only do they not really care about your special request, they don’t even know what gluten is! But, you say, there’s tons of places with gluten free options! Well yes… and no. The kitchens in places here are often about the size of a closet and don’t really leave room for good separation techniques; which is then mixed with the no english speaking, not knowing what gluten really is -ness and well.. it’s interesting to say the least.

SO what’s a gluten free girl to do? Cook, a lot, and read tons of reviews before even going near a restaurant and torture waiters with endless games of 20 questions. Sounds fun, I know! Thus this blog – where hopefully I can impart a few of the things I learn along the way and make it a little easier for some. So sit, stay a while, and I hope you enjoy yourself!


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