Sun In Bloom

  • Best gluten free pancakes!
    Best gluten free pancakes!
  • Earth Cup
    Earth Cup
  • Vegan BLT
    Vegan BLT
  • Brazil nut milk mocha latte
    Brazil nut milk mocha latte

My Fiance and I moved a few months ago and have been having fun discovering new things in the neighborhood! By far my favorite brunch spot has been Sun in Bloom, now technically it’s a little out of our neighborhood.. about 20 minutes walk out of our neighborhood but completely worth it! It’s a vegan restaurant which generally isn’t my kinda thing but I love this one. We’ve been quite a few times so I’ve just decided to put up some of our favorites! Number one on that list is the Gluten Free Pancakes, they are absolutely the best gluten free pancakes I’ve ever had. Seriously you need to try these pancakes.. now… don’t even finish reading, go! Or if you don’t love delicious pancakes another of our favorites is the Raw Earth Cup, it’s buckwheat groats, prunes, sunflower butter, almond milk, berries, raisins and we got the coconut kefir it’s a great quick breakfast! The brazil nut mocha latte is absolutely divine but a tad pricey, if you’re not up for a $7 coffee the regular coffee is also delicious! And if you’re thinking something a bit more savory the BLT is great! It’s vegan so there’s Shitake “Bacon” which I’m not going to say is exactly the same as the meaty stuff, but I will say is salty and crispy in a very good way. If you’re gluten deficient they can sub a collard green wrap for the bread (pictured) and I highly recommend adding the avocado. 

Sun In Bloom
460 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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