Siggy’s Good Food (Manhattan)

I have found my new obsession, the place that I would eat for every meal if I could – and it’s called Siggy’s! I love this place, love it! They have all the things that I could think of wanting – green smoothies, juices, wine, gluten free breads and desserts!

I’ve gone on two occasions (once for lunch and once for dinner) and I used to work by them so I’ve gotten their delivery too. So far my favorite meal has been the lunch I had there which was a salmon burger on gluten free bun and the Green Alien smoothie. Both were absolutely delicious, the gluten free bun was one of the fluffiest I’ve had in the US (more on this in another post) the salmon was perfectly seasoned, the toppings were exactly what was needed, and the smoothie was the perfect balance of green and sweet. I also really enjoyed their organic wine selection and their gluten free cookie a la mode which had coconut ice cream and was so decadently delicious!

They’re located on Elizabeth and Houston and here is their website:

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